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Published on Friday 23 March, 2012
Brimbank City Council has formally resolved that any financial compensation it may receive for the impact of Regional Rail Link works on the HV McKay Gardens would be allocated by Council to the implementation of the HV McKay Gardens Action Plan.
The decision was made at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 March, at which Council noted the status of the Regional Rail Link project.
Council has limited authority in this case, as it is not a responsible statutory authority for the project which is being delivered through the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2010 and does not require planning permits. However, Council is playing a strong advocacy and facilitation role on behalf of the community with the RRL Alliance, and is working to influence the outcome for various projects components as a stakeholder in the design process.
Chair of Brimbank Administrators Mr Peter Lewinsky said Council was satisfied that the preliminary designs indicated the Regional Rail Link Authority has taken into account most of the design principles developed by Council, which aimed at preserving the heritage values of HV McKay Gardens, retaining and enhancing the pedestrian access across Anderson Road and the rail corridor, to provide for future development of cycling routes and to minimise the impact on private property.
As with projects of this size, there are some concerns and impacts, and Council is playing a strong role to ensure the RRL Alliance is aware of the need to resolve them.
Mr Lewinsky said “We acknowledge that there will be a need by RRL for some acquisition of land, which has been minimised and does not involve the acquisition of or relocation of any residences or businesses.  Importantly the plans show the establishment of shared pathways and a cycling and pedestrian bridge across Anderson Road that are necessary to extend Brimbank’s bicycle network.
“Council cannot refuse if RRL require the acquisition of this land; however, Council would seek fair compensation, and has resolved that any such funding received by way of financial compensation would be allocated towards the implementation of the HV McKay Gardens Action Plan.”
Council appreciates that the Gardens is a much loved site in Brimbank and over the years has invested more than $678,000 in its restoration and upkeep.  Council will continue to work with the Friends of the HV McKay Gardens, RRL and the preferred proponent to ensure that the Garden’s integrity and historical significance is retained. 

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