Art Competition with Cash Prizes

McKay Gardens Multicultural Art Competition
                   Free entry!                        Cash prizes!
1stPrize           $500
2nd Prize              $250    
3rd Prize          $150
Most Popular  $100
Immigrants to Australia who now live in Brimbank are invited to enter a drawing or painting into the McKay Gardens Multicultural Art Competition. If you are a migrant, over 18, new to Australia, live in Brimbank and like to draw or paint, you can enter the competition.

In 1909 a tractor maker, Harold Victor McKay, built a large garden for the workers near his factory in Sunshine so that they and their families had somewhere to relax and play.  The gardens were very beautiful and the people of Sunshine have used them since for picnics, music concerts, playing sport, weddings, flower shows, celebrations and just relaxing with friends and family. While the factory is now gone, the Gardens are still there for us to use. Brimbank Council and residents want to make sure the H V McKay Gardens are known about, looked after and still used by the people of Sunshine.  

We would like each artist to visit the Gardens at 120 Anderson Road, Sunshine and use what they see there to make a drawing or painting about 
1.       Gardens in their country or
2.       The McKay Gardens in Brimbank or
3.       Why Gardens are important for everyone’s health and happiness!

Entries: should be delivered to The Hunt Club Community Arts Centre, 775 Ballarat Road, Deer Park.
Attach: the artist’s name, date of birth, the community they are from, and title of work.  
Closing date: Thursday, 4th September, 2014 by 4.00 pm.
Judging: A selection from all entries will be displayed at The Marketplace, Sunshine, from 8th to 11th September, 2014 and at the Church hall on 12th and 13th September. Judging will be on Saturday, 13th September @ 2.00 pm at The Sunshine Presbyterian Church Hall, in the HV McKay Gardens, Anderson Road, Sunshine.

Details of Conditions of Entry are available at 

This competition is supported by a Brimbank Council Community Development Grant 

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