Council to undertake works in HV McKay Memorial Gardens

Brimbank City Council voted last meeting to adopt the following recommendations


a) The open space within the HV McKay Memorial gardens, which becomes available after the demolition of the bowling club facilities, be developed in accordance with the 1994 Conservation Analysis and Management Guidelines report modified to suit current conditions and a landscape concept plan prepared for public consultation.

b) A detailed Action Plan be developed for the restoration of the entire gardens in accordance with the 1994 Conservation Analysis and Management Guidelines, modified to suit current and future conditions, and presented to the Council in time for 2008/9 budget considerations.

c) Capital Works bids be developed to support recommendations in the action plan, including development of the new garden beds, installation of new furniture and reinstatements of the former path network.

d) Management practices in the gardens and associated operations budgets be reviews to assist in the upgrading of the vegetation in the gardens.

e) A Friends Group be formed with the assistance of Council officers that will encourage resident interest in the gardens.

f) Security patrols be undertaken in the gardens as part of Council’s trial security program this summer.

In addition, $203,750 has been allocated as part of the 2007/08 operational budget to demolish the bowling green facilities and reinstate gardens in its place. This will include, the development of a level grass rectangular area to reference the original 1912 bowling green, the restoration of part of the 1909-1952 path system and reinstatement of some of the original garden beds. Works are scheduled to commence in February, 2008.

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