It took ten years but the Friends were finally successful in getting council to agree to create a management plan for the McKay Gardens.  We had a lot of input and you can see the detail here:

Sadly, it appears it is now also our job to ensure Council actually implement it and adhere to it.

weed care sign

The Friends’ monthly Weed and Care Group is on hold at the moment as Council deal with the installation of a new irrigation system and the damage caused.






Consultant Health and Condition Report into Oak Trees in the McKay Gardens, 2010 [PDF 2MB]

Consultant report on the trees at McKay Memorial Gardens, Sunshine for the Brimbank City Council [ 5MB PDF]

Response to Consultant Tree Assessment Report 2009 [PDF 0.85MB]

Response to Brimbank City Council 2008-2009 Budget  [PDF 0.6MB]